PLE Preset : is it possible to edit and modify them with an Xml editor?

I’m used to manage/edit my generic remotes with NotePad. And now, i REALLY need to be able to edit my PLE presets and modify them this way too…

For a simple reason : i’ve set a loooot of presets to select tracks “if name is equal…”. But i need to change them in “if name contains…”. I just can’t imagine re-create all my presets again, an again… too many…

I found what to change with NotePad : D2 becomes C8, 01 turns FF (well, stg like that). But the way it’s presented in a xml editor makes it difficult to “read”, and really risky to use “search” (i would need the whole part of the code, not only 2 digits…).

So, is there a way to modify a lot of presets “on the fly”… and not one by one… desperatly clicking in Cubase… nor searching for D2… no, not this one… the other D2…

Generic Remote : easy to handle…

Expression maps : easy to handle too…

PLE Presets : what a nightmare…

Thank you

It’s hexadecimal… that’s been compiled. You can’t edit it.

I’ve edited a lot of PLE presets using AppleScript (see the vid below). If on Windows, you could try AHK to do something similar.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at this.

However… Actually… i found…

Just have to perform “search and replace in all the documents” in NotePad for those two parts :
that i’ll replace with

to be replaced by

Let’s go now for the whole set of presets… :slight_smile:

Well… D2 replaced by C8, not C8 replaced by D2 !..

More or less… some little doesn’t work when lines are “cut”… but nevermind, it’s gonna be easy to check…

I stand corrected!

Done !

I just had to check my three favorite keys : D2, 01 and last 01… Not super cool, won’t do this for complicated presets… but here easy, and faster than “ok, let’s go again… preset 1… clic… clic… preset 2… clic… clic…”

Now… 4 a.m. Think it’s time to turn off my PC ! I’ll have a look at AHK tomor… mmm…this afternoon :smiley:

Interesting. Good luck!
When in need of help, you can use the AHK forum.
This is a link to a topic I’ve created there. After you register, add me as a friend. I currently have no friends on that forum.

I have a bash script which will replace tags I have placed with ~tag. But it doesn’t respect the block breaks in the hex.

So I wrote a python script to make the hex one long string and do the replacing. I’m was working on reverse engineering the hex, so that I could create a new language that writes out macros, PLE’s and generic remote settings pre-named but not the MIDI not set.

I haven’t worked on it for a week or two. Kind of hoping they give us XML in 12 but not holding my breath.

When I am done I will share it.

Please Steinberg, at least write this to XML.

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Thank you !

Just… I’ve just started reading AHK tutorial, but before i really dive into the AHK’s world… as i’m already drawned into open stage control’s one… i want to be sure to understand why.

Is the idea more or less the following one :
→ to create a script to say “wait for click… then type TRACKNAME… wait for click… then type PRESET TITLE and press ENTER… wait for click…” as a way to only have to click one or two things in cubase, the whole set of tracknames and preset titles being copy-pasted in a text editor and automatically filled by AHK ?..

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I’ve never thought of this idea (to link a text file to the script so that the information in it gets extracted and transfered – by the help of AHK’s UI automation – to Logical Editor).
I believe this approach would be ideal.

Note: clicks can also be automated (by xy coordinates) with AHK.

Open Stage Control is a real beast, but I don’t know how much UI automation you can do with it, because so far I automated things using only AppleScript (mac’s “AHK”).