PLE - Property problem (MIDI)

Hi everyone!

I was using this simple PLE preset (see picture) that would filter all empty MIDI tracks containing a specific name (“Strings” for the example) and toggle their show/hide status. That is very useful if you want to show all (“strings”) tracks, then record and then hide again the ones that remain empty only.

BUT I wanted to add an extra filter: Ignore the data before a certain position (I added as an example) because I may have a region with track initialise CC data (initial settings for CC11, CC7, etc). It doesn’t work once I add this extra setting (tried also with “before cursor”, “inside cycle”, etc.)

I also tried different combinations with parentheses and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you!


Hi and welcome,

The track (what is the Container Type) cannot have any position.

I know, what do you want to say but the “script” but this one doesn’t say it. But unfortunately I have no idea, how to do so, because you are mixing up the Container Type == Track and Container Type == Part in fact.

Thank you, Martin.

Well, I could avoid the position if there was an option like “has no notes” (being empty means any kind of event, but if I could specify “no notes” it could work as well and without any position). But I’m afraid there’s no option for that either.



No, there is no this kind of option. Moreover you would again mix up the scope Track vs Event/Part.