PLE question

Loving the PLE. Would love to know how to set it up to delete only one type of track. In this case empty midi tracks.

I have VSTi’s and group channel tracks that I keep empty and hidden but use for routing purposes. I create a VSTi and hide it but trigger it via midi. At the end of a project it’d be nice to erase all the unused midi tracks but leave everything else in tact.

So far I’ve tried:

  1. Container Type equals Track
  2. Media Type equals Midi
  3. Property event is empty

and set the PLE to delete, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Any advice on how to set up PLE to delete only empty midi tracks.


Are the tracks empty - as in no events on the track?

If yes this will work…though I’m sure there is a neater way.

Media type is Equal to/Midi/AND
Container/Type is Equal to/Track
AND/Property is set/Event is empty

But if you have empty events on the tracks this leaves them and I can’t think how you would filter those tracks.

And just in case we’re making this more difficult than it needs to be…if these are the only empty tracks in the project then there is already a preset to delete all empty tracks

I just tried what you suggested but it deleted empty VSTi tracks as well. As does the ‘delete empty tracks’ preset that comes bundled.

Yes, the tracks I want to erase are empty. There is no data on them.

Ahh…yeah, sorry didn’t think to test with vsti…looks like there is no distinction between midi and instrument tracks as far as PLE is concerned.

That would be a very useful distinction to have. Will put it in the feature requests.

There’s no easy way. Liike Grim said, (I was typing as he was typing) The PLE doesn’t differentiate between VSTi and MIDI tracks.

But, it is possible. You could create a Visibility Config with MIDI Tracks Only.

Then you could create a macro that

  1. switches to the MIDI only visibility config, (my config 1)
  2. Runs the PLE preset you made

Then you could invoke Undo Visibility Change to go back to the view you had originally.

So the PLE only works on visible tracks? That’s interesting. I guess a macro of that whole enchilada will be useful. I will try and report results. Thanks Grim and Steve.

You’re welcome.
:exclamation: The PLE does work on hidden tracks- it has to for the Visibility presets to work. I would be sure to test anything you make before using it in production

If the PLE works on hidden tracks as well, won’t it erase the VSTi’s?

This command does not work on hidden tracks. I suppose only commands that need to work on hidden tracks would do so. I haven’t checked all possibilities.

Stuff like this I test before using…

Of course. Will try later today on a fake project :slight_smile:.