PLE renames with numbers going 2 by 2?

Cubase 12 pro. v12.0.70
Windows 10.

I don’t understand why when I try to rename some Group tracks using the Project logical editor, it renames the tracks with number going like “Track 1”, “Track 3”, “Track 5”.

I’ve tried “generating names”, it works the same with parameter 2 set to whatever.

Hi, if I recall correctly this is because Cubase tries to renumber not just ordinary tracks but also automation ones. And it starts from the stereo out, again if I remember correctly.

Several ways to solve this:

  • Add a Media Type unequal to Automation filter


  • Set the renumbering to be applied only to certain type (for example MIDI and Audio)

Careful here, you need the brackets as seen in the screenshot.

Adjust accordingly for just the selected tracks.