PLE / Show or Hide tracks inside a folder group under Lemur

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a PLE command under Lemur (if you don’t know Lemur, it’s like a button or shortcut on a touchscreen…you touch the button, then the command is launched)

Well, what I’m trying to do in PLE is :
If I use the button “Violin 1” on Lemur, then show me all the midi tracks where the word “Violin 1” is, and open the group (i.e: STRINGS) where the tracks are. Also, show me all the tracks where there is event recorded (trumpet, synth, etc etc)

My goal is to see all the tracks already recorded + all the tracks identified as Violin 1 (i.e : Violin 1 Spitfire, Violin 1 Native, Violin 1 8dio, etc etc)

Not sure if I can do it it only one command.

(Also, if you have some tutorial about parenthesis use,I’m interested !)

Thanks !


I would do it in two steps. First I would hide all tracks. Second, I would show the wanted tracks. What about this?

((Container Type is | Equal | Track | And
Property | Property is not set | Event is Empty) | Or
(Container Type is | Equal | Track | And
Name | Contains | Violin 1 ))

Tack Operation | Hide Track | Disable