PLE to display and toggle everything that might be locked?

Hi -

Would anyone have the time and inclination please to show me how to put together a PLE that:

  1. Displays all locked tracks, track versions, events, parts, and anything else that can be locked, including those that might be “hidden” in folders?
  2. Toggle the lock on and off for those things?
  3. Reverse the “Locked Things” view to get back to where it was when I activated the PLE?

I am finding it laborious to do that manually one thing at a time, which I’m doing because locked events are preventing me from inserting silence. I looked at the templates in C12.0.30, and didn’t find anything that it looked like I can modify, but I do have to admit it’s the kind of thing I’m not all that great at.

Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

To my knowledge there is no PLE command for locked tracks
I think the only workaround would be to create a macro in which to put the track lock and/or unlock function and add a PLE in this macro which adds a sign for example type “&” or other
and it will be enough to recall the tracks containing this sign to see only tracks lock
to be tested after depending on the version of cubase
if it’s the 12 it should be even simpler
since you can add commands before or after the PLEs.

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Thanks, @Freudon , I will try to work through that. Much appreciated!