PLE Triggered by Key Command show different behaviors

I created a PLE function that MUTES a folder (thereby muting all the channels in the folder). I have this set to toggle MUTE / UNMUTE. When I assign and trigger this using a key command, the behavior changes slightly.

For example - I have a folder called DRUMS containing my drum tracks. Inside this folder, let say I have 2 tracks that are already muted. When I click APPLY from within the PLE, when I toggle to UNMUTE, the 2 tracks that were previously muted, stay muted. Works just as I want it to.

However, when I assign a key command to this and trigger the PLE function via the keyboard, when I toggle to UNMUTE, all tracks unmute - including the ones that started out as already muted.

I’m trying to determine why the PLE function behaves differently when triggered via key command but after searching, I can’t find an answer. Hoping someone here might know why and offer a solution.

Thanks very much.

I think you need to add
one or more track properties
to determine the conditions
If you want your tracks to be muted even those that are already muted
The advantage of Cubase 12’s Logical Project Editor is that it allows you to experiment directly
and I recognize that it is not always easy
but with multiple attempts
we usually get the desired result
Be careful the order of filters and/or conditions can be as important as in macros

Hi - and thank you for the reply. I will try adding additional track properties. The most confusing part to me is why it works 100% correctly when triggering directly in the PLE interface - but does not when I trigger it from a key command.

I will try adding additional parameters and see if I can resolve the issue.

Thank you again for your reply.