Pleas help.... whit Cord track!!!!

cant i play live from cordtrack like “band in Box follow” or must i programe thge cords in cordtrack upfront??? Big issue for me, i want to use cordtrack like a “live” mode tool… pleas help

You want to use the Chord Pads for this, not the Chord Track. You can 1) put chords on the Chord Track, then, 2) open the Chord Pads and have the Chords Track chords placed on the Chord Chord Pads. Use the Chord Pads to record, you can even just click on the pads with your mouse for this. The Operations Manual details how to do this all. Take a few hours and work it out. You’ll be very glad you did. Also, don’t overlook the “Chords to Midi” function. There are many Chord Pad Presets and you should experiment with those. Spend time with the Chord Pads and Chord Track and you’ll be very impressed with what Cubase offers.

There are some very good videos on the Cubase youtube channel and elsewhere on youtube. It’s confusing at first, but give it time. You’ll be glad you did.

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