Please 64Bit Drivers for the VSL 2020

I hope that Steinberg will release 64Bit drivers for my loved VSL 2020…

+1, it could be still used if we can get the drivers, thanx!!!

There is no plan to release new drivers for that device, sorry!

I own a VSL 2020 and have used it for several years to stream audio via ADAT lightpipe from my Spirit Digital 328 mixer into my music production computer. I am a licensed user of Steinberg SX 2 (it is still a great DAW platform that does almost everything that I want it to). The music production computer is running Windows XP Home 32 bit edition.
I would really like to upgrade the operating system at this time to Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. However, I am stopped because there is presently no 64 bit driver for the Steinberg VSL 2020 hardware… I think that Steinberg is a great company that has served me well over the years, but… I now feel that you have abandoned me because there is no Win 7 64 bit driver for my VSL 2020. It appears that if I want to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and still use the rest of my hardware I must then upgrade the VSL 2020 to an RME card with the number of ADAT ports that I require. This would be a US$ 700 upgrade. That’s a lot of money to spend to upgrade an existing piece of hardware that I bought from Steinberg not all that long ago, just so that I can run Win 7 64 bit.

Dear Steinberg please don’t forget the people that bought the VSL 2020… It would be sincerely appreciated if you would develop a Windows 7 64 bit driver for the VSL 2020. I would be willing to pay some money to you to get this driver. Perhaps others that own the VSL 2020 under similar circumstances would also be willing to pay something for this driver.

Been discontinued for almost 8 years

Anyhow, the card was designed and made by ESI which have gone titsup in the meantime and were bought out by one of their distributors, they do not even provide Win7 support for older ESI branded products from that timeframe, you can forget about ESI supporting OEM products that no-one still working for them had any involvement in writing drivers for.

I was hoping for a driver release as for the midex8, I thought it was kind of easy for a big company as steinberg.
I understand it was made by ESI and they closed down, but I bought it as a steinberg product.

Look at the chips on the card, the main chip is a custom logic FPGA, if you do not have the info on what is going on in there you will have no hope in hell of writing new drivers, regardless of the size of the company. Steinberg staff hacked the Midex drivers in their own free time without having full documentation from the original vendor, doing the same for the 2000 would be quite literally a 1000 times more difficult.

Regardless of if you bought it as a Steinberg product, it has still been off the market for 8 years now … there are limits to what kind of service you can expect for a product that has not been generating any income for them for such a long time.

Would you feel right about asking for free upgrades and service on your model 2002 Ford in 2012 because the highway code has changed in the meantime ?

This is probably also the reason all recent Steinberg hardware releases have been in-house designs or done in co-operation with owner Yamaha, they have had really bad luck with their hardware and software partners in the last decade or so.

Hello, help me please
I need a driver for Steinberg VSL 2020 for Windows XP 32-bit
my cd broke.
please please please!!!

Manuals and drivers are to be found here: