Please, about DeNoiser, Gate, GEQ-10, etc.

hey hmm

I wonder that why my Cubase LE 5 doesn’t have those DeNoiser, Gate, GEQ-10,
Compressor, DeEsser, Limiter and Monodelay effects?

I’m so new to this, 've tried my best on YouTube and still
don’t know what to do

please help, please

Because it’ s a stripped down version, you got for free. Gate and compresoor are in the VST dynamics, rest might be axailable as free 3rd party plugins…

What exactly is the question…?

like… is it possible to download those effects?

or I have to buy Cubase 5 to get that?

thank you, thinkingcap

Well - you cannot download the Steinberg effects that are not included in the LE5 version, because you simply have no licence for them.

However - there are a LOT of free (non-Steinberg) product for download.

Synthesizers, EQ, Limiters - you name it. Here are a few good places to start with: Look under Freeware. Can be a bit overwhelming, but has good search functions. A complete bundle full with a lot of nice effects. Has a nice search. Frontpage gives the latest free effects.

Well - that must be more than enough to get you started…