Please activate master fader and second display in Qcon pro x

It´s really sad having a hardware thats works really good but not at 100%. Qcon saiy that steinberg have to work with them on this to solve our client problem:

Nadir Omowale Speaking for Icon Pro Audio here. We’ve had some conversations with Steinberg about improving integration with Icon controllers Currently those discussions are ongoing, but some of their folks have stated they would like to make these improvements.
As Cubase/Nuendo users, YOU can make this a higher priority for them by making more requests for that functionality.
The reason it works in Bitwig is because Bitwig and Icon specifically worked together cooperatively to make this work. The same is true of Reaper, and even hardware manufacturers like Sound Devices and QSC. Hopefully we’ll begin to see more cooperation as users make those requests.

Please solve this for us Steinberg, ASAP

Well, it’s nearly April 2020 and nearly a year since the last message and as far as I know, still no support from Steinberg for the master level meters and the second display.
Steinberg: please !!!