Please add a proxy server for Steinberg download assistant

It often connects to the server failed in China.
When I try to add a system proxy server, it doesn’t work.
This makes me doubt whether the new online elicense will have similar problems.
Please allow online services to use the system proxy server.
Thank you

A system proxy server is set up by the admin of that server. Other parties, such as Steinberg, have no control over it.

It is common for people to connect to this forum using proxy servers, or Virtual Private Networks, they are not routinely blocked by the system.

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I agree that I got it wrong.
But for some reason, it sometimes takes hours for me to update steinberg download assistant, and opening steinberg’s website is very slow too.
After using a proxy server (Hong Kong, United States or Germany), the browser can quickly open the steinberg website, but the steinberg download assistant will not be able to connect to the server.
Not only I have this problem, it may be related to China’s network regulation policy, but most of them can be solved by proxy server, except steinberg download assistant.

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