Please add a "Save Project Report" text file function

When handling a lot of projects, it can be hard to keep track of the details, and it would be great to have the basic data of a project in a text file. It can be just a plain text file. It would be invaluable when opening the project months or years after.

You could group the tracks by type or by the order they are in the project at last save.


Location: File->Save Project Report…
radio button: basic | detailed

Report Structure

Project name: [project name]
Date Created: [date created]
Last save date: [last modification date]
Author: [author]
Company: [company]
Bit Depth: [integer]
Sample rate: [integer]
Project Frame Rate: [integer]
Project Location: [project location]

Track List

Audio tracks
[Audio track name]
[Audio track name]
[Audio track name]
[Audio track name]

Midi tracks
[Midi track name]
[Midi track name]
[Midi track name]
[Midi track name]

VST Instruments
[ Halion Sonic v7 ]
[ GrooveAgent 5SE ]
[ Moog GooberSynth ]
[ VST instrument name ]

VST Effects
(a list of the effects used in the project. It doesn't have to be by track or anything)

Audio Files
[Pool data output]


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ah - right. Thanks.