I’d like to preface this by saying, Cubase 9.5 is the best DAW I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried them all) The one thing I’ve been hoping would pop up, but never has, is a more intuitive drum sequencer, which would make the most sense now that the right zone media bay and sampler have been added.

Now before veins start popping in peoples heads, I understand there is a drum editor that people love, my problem with it has always been, that it hasn’t changed much in well over a decade.

I had a similar thread a couple of years ago and took a beating for saying the same thing I’m saying now, all of which was before Steinberg decided to give you the option of changing those diamonds into squares (rectangles?) which I found to help with my workflow, sllightly, but was still far too time consuming.

My suggestion would be to have a tab on the low zone (similar to the sampler) that you can drag drum samples into a simple sequencer (like beat designer!) individually, and build a “kit” that you’re happy with, and go from there.

This would save a LOT of time for people, I’m sure. Maybe Steinberg hasn’t done this in hopes that they can sell the full version of groove agent, or just stuck in their ways? but I believe there is more than 1 way to skin a cat, and different options work better for different people, but I’d like to bet that having a compact drum grid style sequencer would make people jump to Cubase 10 from their current favorite DAW.

I probably have misunderstood what you’re asking for, but wouldn’t Groove Agent SE with an instance of Beat Designer as an insert add up to the same thing?

Not exactly. That still requires you to add GA4 as an insert, add all of your drums, open beat designer as a midi insert, map, etc.
The way I was suggesting is to literally have a drum sequencer in a similar style as beat designer, but in the lower zone (like the sampler)
That way, you can just drag individual drums to the designated area and start. It’s a lot less steps, and way more simple, in my opinion.

I see, so you mean actually having Beat Designer there, with slots for samples instead of midi triggers. I bet a lot of people would like that.

I agree 100%. I’m sure Steinberg wouldn’t mind taking some market share from the FL and Ableton crowd, as well.


You can do almost same things with GrooveAgentSE and DrumMap.

Use “Create Drum Map from Instrument” command. After that, the DrumMap will be automatically updated. No need to maintain it. In addition, you can use “Show Drum Sounds in use by Instrument” visibility setting.
GrooveAgent is very integrated with Cubase.

Not a bad idea. It could pretty save some time. So I think it could be like this: In the Low zone you open “NEW Beat designer” and drag samples to the “Sample zone” of “NEW Beat designer” and then use as already combined GA and “Beat Designer”.

you are talking about putting something like Ableton’s Drum Rack on the lower zone?

that will be super cool

Such a great idea!!
WOULD LOVE a better workflow for making drums beats in cubase!!

GrooveAgentSE and DrumMap

Thanks for that demonstration!