Please add built-in driver support of virtual cable/device

Routing the desktop output for DAW input and DAW output for desktop input is a requirement for live broadcasting. Simple loopback can’t meet the need.
For example, a virtual cable for desktop to output the playing music/game sounds to the DAW. Another virtual cable for DAW to output the voice only to teammates playing games together. Another virtual cable for DAW to output the mixed desktop audio and voices to live broadcasting software like OBS.

A lot of new audio interfaces driver comes with this feature, for example, Antelope and PreSonus.

Although there is some 3rd party plugins for this feature, they are with more or less some bugs.

  • Voicemeeter is working with Nuendo, but it’s working incorrectly randomly with crackling sound in Studio One.
  • ASIO Link Pro is working with both. But the midi device connected to the UR-C will not released correctly. The Studio One will be dead locked with threads waiting. And also ASIO Link Pro is not maintained anymore.
  • ASIO4ALL + Virutal Audio Cable will work with both. But the speaker to Virtual Audio Cable has to be required before Nuendo/Studio One start. Or desktop audio can’t output to it.

I bought Nuendo 11 and Studio One 5. I need Studio One for some specific cases. I asked the support from Studio One. They will not provide any support for these 3rd party apps. If this feature become a built-in feature with UR-C driver, Studio One support will have no execuse to provide no support. It’s absolutely a bug of Studio One. Because Nuendo is working correctly.