Please add "Release" control to HSO

If the Steinberg Team are reading this, can you please add a release knob to HSO instruments so that the notes don’t have to end so abruptly.

This is the only sampler/synth I have ever come across that doesn’t have release control.
How are we supposed to make smooth floating strings without a release knob?

They aren’t adding anything to HSO. You have to do your best to get what you want out of it.

Well actually we added quite a lot for existing HSO owners which upgraded to Cubase 6, take a look here under “HALION SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA VST SOUND INSTRUMENT SET”:

The HSO VST Sound Instrument Set includes a release parameter as well.

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I presume the revamped ui (if indeed it is that) is not included anywhere with the purchase of cubase 6 artist and HSO.
Thats a blow :neutral_face:

When can we expect to see a re-done UI for HSO. The current one is over 5 years old… and is rather shoddy, to put it mildly. (Coming from the mouth of a 17 year old student who has just invested quite heavily in this because it’s just something I enjoy doing. But the enjoyability of the whole this dies a bit once it takes >5 hours to get it working. And I still havn’t even got it working properly yet).

Edit: Now works! Whew