Please add support for multiple Audio devices in Cubase 6!!

Please add support for the aggregation of multiple ASIO drivers!?!

I and many other Cubase users would love to be able to utilize the IO capabilites of all of the hardware in our studios instead of just picking one I/O device to do all the grunt work. Using my Eventide H8000 and Virus TI I/O would give me an added 14 channels out and 10 in that are right now inactive.

The OS X software does this with it’s aggregate audio device, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE with sugar and cherries on top add that type of functionality for the PC!

Thank you for all the many years of creating on Cubase. Cheers and all the best to you in 2011.

JB Vries

+1 (and add copious amounts of ice cream as well!)