Please add the ability to "play a folder of vsti with one midi track"

Hi there’,
It would be great to have the ability to “play a folder of vsti’s with one midi track”
I explain : You have a midi track with a lead synth and you want to dub it, what if you’d just have to name a midi vsti folder and everything you throw in it is receiving the midi part and playing it along ?

+1! Or increase the amount of MIDI sends (more than just 4).
I need it, for example, for instrumenting every single drum mic (I usually have 8-14) by recorded samples — so I need the MIDI part copied to every instrument track or use the MIDI sends (limited to only 4).

+1 to that.


Mixcraft has rather neat implementation of stacking synths on a single track. And various ways to load arpeggiators in there as well - and save as a preset. Really nice. And it becomes a folder with many outs. You can select keyboard range for each, if to transpose and some common settings like channel choice.

Even loading multiple one stereo out synths - make it’s own audio out for each - so you can apply effects as you want to each.