Please, all selected channels get the same selected icon!

Please, all selected channels get the same selected icon, in ONE GO!
How hard can it be to implemented? That would be huge time savior. Today you can only change one icon, one by one, one at the time. What a time vampire! :unamused:

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+1 please. This is a real pain. Perhaps we could have a drag/drop icon feature as well so we can copy/move them about to other/new tracks.


i don’t use icon mostly because of those individual track assignments, its so time consuming and workflow killer.
also would be nice to thick some settings on the icon edit window, like color intensity to stay at the percentage you choose,leave the icon editor window until all tracks are done and not closing on “ok” button and always reopen it for each track.also option to use some kind of algorithm so users prefix/naming automatically assigns an icon, so if i use piano/pno as naming piano track a piano icon would be suggested or automatically assigned…(well im lazy :wink: )

+1 for this too…

I’d prefer another route, that the icon be included in a saved track preset, then when this preset is applied to one or more tracks, the icon will be present on said tracks.
If one doesn’t want this behaviour, then just save the preset before selecting an icon.


same thing here, take too much time to assign icons to a 40 track session!