Please allow "bbb" or "Cm" in the Key Signatures popover!

Hi team,

It’s a small thing, but since I’m beginning to enjoy Dorico’s smart popover behavior, I’d love to see typing “Cm” create three flats as a key signature, and I guess this would also make everybody happy that has at least a cursory familiarity with chord symbols…

Also, key signatures for dummies :mrgreen: should also include hammering in “#####” for E-major and the like. Of course I’m aware that my request would collide with “bb” for Bbm, but I think that would be a small price to pay… :wink:

Merry Christmas to y’all,

Hi Benji

But as you’ve pointed out, things like ‘bb’ would get confusing - and typing lower case ‘c’ for Cm is less key presses (although not when you describe it it seems :slight_smile:)

You can also type e.g. 4s for four sharps - although I wouldn’t as the key isn’t clear then.

very valid points indeed.
Maybe in time of the Coming Of The Chord Symbols :wink:, you could think about giving people the choice about Bbm/bb, since it would likely jibe with the way you’d enter a chord?
And about minor/major keys in general (and I AM a simple minded guy…), but doesn’t the actual musical content determine if a piece with two flats in the beginning is in Bb major or G minor? :nerd:

All the best,

Yes, but Dorico can choose things like note spelling according to one or the other.

Ah, good point! But still, “4s” is allowed now, so “####” wouldn’t PRINCIPALLY violate Dorico’s thinking, right? :wink:

I think 4s is probably just treated as E major.

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