Please allow insert of small pics into notepad

I use analog gear including pre and eq
There is obvioulsy no snapshot on them so instead I take pics of the settings. It would be nice to be able to attach something in the notes for reference as it becomes quite admin heave to track everything externall with pics etc


strongly agree

Agree also. I take snapshots of my console and store them in a folder with the project but so much clicking around. Attaching them in notes is a great idea.

The more I think about it, the more important it becomes
I have a whole chart and pics of various complex mic setups (ie for vocal/guitarist etc) and even diff distance and angles make such a diff.) This would allow me to store the actual setup pics of those per song/channel as a library
Even if the pics were stored in a project folder so it didnt bloat the files and there was some of sort of thumbnail.
What I mean is, I want to drag and drop the pic into the notepad and it auto created a folder if not already there, created link/thumb and stored the larg pic in the folder.
Just a thought

Cubase notepad is worse than Windows 98 notepad, we need an urgent upgrade, you can´t even change font…
Once I deleted everything accidentally and there was no way to get the text back, I had to close the project without saving to get it back.

Its just a library anyway, when I have coded, you just call the lib and arrange the widgets
I agree, Undo/Redo, rich text and all the basics would be great

Is everyone voting?

I agree.

Until such time, there is a 3rd party plug that allows a jpeg to be used as an insert vst on any track with any notes.

I assume you are referring to per track, and not the notepad for the project?