I was about to download Halion 6 and saw the Download Assistant you put for the content download.
Unfortuantely, it misses one - from my view - big point: I still have to download the whole 28 GB.
I don´t even have that space one my hard disks, let alone the time for downloading. Not everybody
has that highspeed internet. It would be a great help to let the user decide, what to download,
for example:

  • the strings
  • the brass
  • Skylab etc.

because it´s a real downer to have to download everything, knowing I will only use a little part of it.
By the way, same goes to the Cubase 9 download. The VST Sound files are 80% identical to 8.5, so no need to download them again.

Halion 6 itself looks very interesting indeeed.
All the best.

The Steinberg Download Assistant with Aria2 says it allows starts/stops and tracking, etc…

Indeed, it allows interrupt and resume, but I still have to download things I am not going to use.

Best regards.

come on
to be serious: name me a company where you can download parts of something like this?
NI-Kontakt? NO
UVI-Falcon? NO
eastwest-Play? NO
bestservice-Engine? NO

show me one and I help you with petition…

i would advise to really prepare for this kind of update before installing, since it is huge in terms of content and functionality.
Added to pm’s comment is also that you do not need 28 gig, but around 100 gig in total during the install proces if you do not interfere and delete files during the install.

kind regards,

I´m afraid, you missed the point. Why would I download something I wouldn´t use? And spend lots of time for it?
And download it, to erase it later…? One example, of where you can download only what you need is ComposerCloud. And an NI I can download Reaktor Player and the instruments separatly too. (I know, that aren´t necessarily as big as 28 GB). Battery 3 comes in ISOs of 4 GB each, at least.

So, I hope, you will help me out with the petition :slight_smile: .

Best regards.

I didn´t mist the point!
but how should a company handle those special whishes? I´ve got a lot of software (not only audio) which installs much of for-me-not-usable content, but that´s the 21st century my friend

no I won´t help with petition!
and do you know why?
because Reaktor and Battery aren´t comparable with HALion!
bring me an example of something like HALion6 and then I´ll help as promised

Composer-Cloud is an abo-model which hopefully only lasts for east-west and won´t never be something for all companys! if so, I´ll return to my Hardware-synths :wink:

Well…that escalated quickly… :smiley:

no escalation by me, trust me - wanna see The Sarge escalating? no, you won´t :mrgreen:

I would have liked to have had separate downloads for Halion 6, and the Halion 6 library, I could have downloaded Halion 6 and been using it straight away, but I have had to wait nearly a day for the whole thing to download, and I don’t use any of the Halion library, as I just use my own samples in Halion, and I use other specialised VSTi’s for other sounds.
Maybe I will get to like some of the new Halion 6 content, but all I was really interested in was Halion 6 itself, so asking to separate the application from the library download, sounds a good idea to me.

Heh, I had a worse scenario. It downloaded overnight but I think it ran out of space when merging the aria2 temp files into the actual file, so when I got up this morning the download was done but there was no actual file on the drive.


IMHO stop moaning and buy more drives! They cost peanuts these days, more complicated downloaders and installers are more likely to go wrong. Keep it simple. That’s me off another Christmas card list :laughing:

They’re not actually that cheap unless you’re buying spinning rust. My drive that’s out of space is a mirrored SSD unit, so it’s about $325 USD to replace the 200GB pair to a 500GB pair.


I opted out of the Aria and only used the Steinberg downloader for H6 and HS3 and it went really fast. Btw, H6 will install HS3 but if you dl and install HS3 seperately, as well; it will update HS3’s content from the H6/HS3 install

But you were talking about how you ran out of space on the install/merge - surely download and temp directories can live on a cheap spinny rust disk? That’s how my PC is configured.

Its just data.
If you dont need it trow it away.

No, the host PC is a Surface Pro with an internal SSD. I did get a NAS last week with 3TB of rusties to help alleviate storage issues but it’s not fully up and running yet. So we’re somewhat on the same page.


Than why download it in the first place?
This can be resolved easily letting the user choose, what to download.
This way, we will also have less traffic, better server response, faster downloads.
And everybody loves a quick download, or not?

Also (and this does not apply to Halion 6), if you are using external drives, normally you have those
in FAT 32. It happened more than once, that I tried to downloaded for example a Cubase or Nuendo ISO,
but was incompatible with the filesystem because of the maximum filesize possible under FAT32.

All the best.

I have always 6 mb/s download speed.
And all my external HD’'s are NTFS, FAT is for older systems.