PLEASE Bring back the Interactive phrase synthesizer

Re Cubase 11
If you have ever had success with the rather complex Interactive phrase synthesizer, you will know it is powerful beyond words.
It was loved by many musicians in the early versions, but dropped in recent ones.
Why Why Why would Steinberg take away such an amazing creation tool? I have just bought Version 11 and I am saddened by its omission.

Please vote to have it returned.

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Though the odds are slim that Steinberg can/will bring it back, it really was the most fun I had in front of a screen! Voted up.


For those who are too young to remember:


that takes me back :slight_smile:

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It’s Christmas time, time for old memories… :smiley:


In the relentless drive for Cubase audio superiority (which was entirely justified), it seems, midi ended up taking a bit of a backseat in Steinberg’s development priority - leaving some of the innovation to other developers. Noteworthy exceptions exist, from Chord Tracks to the new Scale Assistant. And my hope is, that Steinberg will re-invigorate Cubase midi capabilities in upcoming releases. - Reminds me, I should post a feature request about VSTi Quick Controls.


Well, the devs who made this back in 1989, and brought us the (Project ) Logical Editor, and the dev who created the the Score Editor, and heck, all the guys who invented this stuff are still involved in development, so who knows what might happen? I mean, look at the strides that have been made in the Score Editor over the past couple years– there was a time where it didn’t seem like much of a priority.


Ahh…! The bonkers IPS… such memories… here 's another look at it in action (not sure exactly what he’s demonstrating/playing with here in this piece mind…! I think the other example posted above is better…) :-

It came from this page (translate for English). Some good background reading of Steinberg and Cubase early development/progress:-
[Werner Kracht: 25 Jahre bei Steinberge]

And a little about Michael Michaelis (score editor originator/genius and more):-
Cubase « Michael Michaelis (

So anyway I am voting this topic up.! Its great to read those original folk are still active and involved - let the ideas/creativity continue…!

I vote up obviously ! :+1:

The Atari years was the best of my life, Pro-24 then Cubase added to the fun !

Please Steinberg, bring back IPS, so that we can experiment crazy things again ! :revolving_hearts:

For those who wanna really have a good taste of what it was then to compose a complete piece of music with only 1040 kb of RAM (note : …and 3.5’ FLOPPY DISKS !!!) (entire albums were recorded like this !) :

Piece of :cake: isn’t it ?


If done, I would hope that they keep the Original GUI, but sharpened/higher resolution.

I had that monitor in 1990 when I was living in Paris France.

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Vive Paris ! Vive la France ! And vive Atari and Steinberg IPS ! :gift_heart:

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