Please build 'Export Ableton Live Set' into Cubasis

The new Ableton Note app is, sadly, nowhere near as good as Cubasis. It does not even have audio warping or timestretching. Many users are also disappointed it does not have flexible MIDI editing - you cannot draw in notes and it does not even allow you to alter the length of notes. The only attraction is its ability to export to Ableton Live, which Cubasis does not have.
Could you please build ‘Export Ableton Live Set’ into Cubasis? I see you have said you are friends with Ableton. Are there any objections to doing this? I hope not. Thank you.

From Ableton’s website:

In a growing number of products you can save your ideas as Ableton Live Sets – complete with audio and MIDI clips.

Currently built into the following products:

** Auxy Studio*
** BeatHawk*
** Blocs Wave*
** EG Pulse*
** Elastic Drums*
** Groovebox*
** iKaossilator*
** Koala Sampler*
** KORG Gadget 2*
** Loopseque 8*
** MPC Live*
** MPC Live II*
** MPC One*
** MPC X*
** Ninja Jamm*
** Patterning 2*
** Patterning for iPhone*
** Triqtraq - Jam Sequencer*

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