Please check the download directory specified for this product

I’m trying to download and install Cubase pro 11. I Used to have Cubase 10 elements, I uninstalled that before trying to download Pro11. After every component is downloaded in Steinberg Download Assistant, a window opens saying “the installation cannot be started…” (see photo). Does anyone know what’s going wrong?


Can you see the downloaded file(s) in the Downloads/Steinberg folder, please?

Yes I can. I couldnt find them at first but then found that they have been put into a folder from July 2021 - a folder tha was created by Elements 10 that I had. Also I’ll just clarify something in my original topic post. I should have said, after EACH component downloaded the pictured window opens. After 30 minutes of running the download assistant, there were about 20 of these windows open.

Anybody ???


I was thinking you sorted it out.

The screenshot shows, the Steinberg products have been downloaded to the Downloads/Steinberg folder. Can you see the installer there?

If you double click the installer "Cubase_11.0.41_Installer_win.exe, a window saying “an installation package for the product Steinberg library manager cannot be found try the installation using a valid copy of the installation package Steinberg cubase 11” opens. If you click install in the download manager the window in the post picture opens.


Try to download Cubase 11 from this link, please.

Thanks martin, that seems to have worked. Cubase_11.0.41_Installer_win.exe installed this time. What do I do with the FCP_SMT… files, do I have to install each and every one of those one at a time ???


You can move all of them at once to the relevant folder.