Please consider Multi Instruments functionality from S1

I really like the way S1 handles building multi instruments. You can easily stack, split, add performance tools and effects to two or more VSTis on one instrument channel then save it as a preset. It reminds me of a modern NI Kore or more user friendly version of Akai’s VIP software.

There is a video on it out on YouTube by S1 Expert for those who might be interested on how it works, but don’t own S1. I wasn’t sure if Steinberg would be ok with me posting a link to a video about a competitive product, so I am not adding the link here.

For those that have used this in S1 or watched the video, what do you think about this functionality and would you like to see something similar added to Cubase?

Since I found links to S1 videos in other posts, I added a video that shows this feature in more detail. The video starts with the Splitter functionality, which is also a really cool feature and is worth a watch, but the multi-instrument part starts at about the 3 min and 34 sec mark of the video.

I personally think that both the Splitter and Multi-Instrument functionality are very powerful and user friendly and would love to see something similar added to Cubase.

Just wondering, are most Cubase users happy with the current workflow of stacking multiple VSTis in their projects? For those who checked out the video or are already familiar with this functionality in S1, do you feel that this would be a good addition to Cubase?