Please Cubasis!

Please make more stable, it was 2 months ago no update. Sometimes still glitches on audio track after changing the pitch or etc. and the midi file too on the mini sampler. Glitches too with auv3 plugin fx and sadly after I mixdown its doesn’t changed. You needed do more about this. I’m sad man … no apps where I can used perfectly i just have the iPhone please

I hope you can think too for beatmaker flow it’s so hard options may you can add some options for… please


Hi Andi_lofly,

Thanks for your message.

The next update will arrive soon, and will resolve several user-requested issues.
In the meantime, did you check our dedicated Cubasis 3 Performance article?

Most important, please let us know more about your problems.
If we can reproduce these, there is a good chance to see them solved.

Best wishes,

Good day Lars, I am having nightmares using Cubasis 3. It is VERY unstable at the moment. I would simply add an Auv3 instrument in Cubasis 3, play a few chords in ChordPoly Pad, send midi data from ChordPoly Pad to the Cubasis Auv3 instrument and then it crashes. This is just one example and it keeps happening over and over. I cannot work like this. It happens with various Auv3 apps. I hope all these glitches can be resolved urgently.


By the way, I also use NanoStudio 2 and I do not have these issues.
I am using an iPad Pro with over 100 GB of free space.

Really?? When?? Well I’ve read the topic so I knows about that, my bad flow is too much used the auv3 plugin (about 3-4 plugin on the rack). but if I freeze the audio track then i changed the name of freeze shame like before names, the audio gone changed back. This one of the problems where i was send you via dropbox. I hope this will fix on next update…, :disappointed:

Hi all,

The next Cubasis update is scheduled to be released soon, and will resolve many user-reported issues.
To have your issues reviewed as well and possibly resolved, please file a proper bug report, to allow us checking the issue.

Thanks again,

Ouhhyeaahh!! I Hope After this is perfectly update. Then next lets talk about future options for… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hi Andy_lofly,

As you’ve probably noticed, the Cubasis 3.1 updates has been announced and released this morning:

Cubasis 3.1 for iOS and Cubasis for Android available

If you still encounter problems, please provide us with detailed bug reports, to allow us reproducing the issues.

We hope you will enjoy using the new update!


I’ve been updated! It’s great update, thank you. But i still have the 2-3 bugs, i thinks. Well I’ve been send you on message…