Please don't ask again? and again ,and again


No matter how many times I tick those

please don’t ask me again

boxes they keep popping up. This has been happening since at least Cubase 6. Has anyone been able to stop these from reappearing.
I’ve looked in preferences but I can’t see anything that might help.

It’s a minor, but irritating fault/issue…


Trash Prefs, see Knowledge Base.

Great answer.


DA :unamused:


Trashing prefs won’t help, it will just cause you more work.
There is no entry in the knowledge base about this either.
I’d take all of “N8”'s advice with a heavy dose of salt.
Plus, “trashing prefs” is supposed to be unnecesary in C7 with it’s “safe mode” startup facility.

What is the exact message you’re seeing, and under what circumstance?

Unfortunately, cubase will never remember your answer to certain questions across sessions even though you tick “please, don’t ask again”. For me, the most annoying occurrences of this are the warning messages generated by the MIDI editor, eg: “Event’s position exceeds part’s boundary. Do you want to enlarge the part?”. Here, ticking the “please don’t ask again box” suppresses the message, but only until you close the project and open another one (or the same one). I personally think the message should be suppressed until you enable it again via a preference…

Is this still an issue for users here?

I made a small program that will detect this pop up dialogue and choose either “Enlarge Part” or “Move Anyway”. You can change this to whatever your preference is as well.

Let me know if this would be helpful and I’ll see how I can make it available. It is for Windows only, however. And it needs to be running to use it. I just add it to the startup programs.