Please enable freetype UI rendering on Windows by default.

I tried the following command on Windows:

Dorico.exe -platform windows:fontengine=freetype

and found that fonts in Dorico UI are rendered much much much nicer like I am using macOS.

FreeType is not included in the version of Qt that we build and ship for Dorico, so I can only assume you are experiencing some kind of placebo effect.

Thanks for mentioning that. I just confirmed that my placebo sense was caused by my manual replacement of the default Chinese UI fonts months before, and the new Chinese font does not have ClearType Hinting data, making Windows 10 (build 1809) automatically render its glyphs like macOS (but still looks thinner).

I found the following things and wonder whether these can be helpful to you people introducing FreeType to Dorico:

We don’t have any current plans to switch to FreeType. If we did so, we’d do it on both platforms, but it could potentially cause significant differences in the appearance of existing projects, so it’s not something we would do lightly.