Please enter a Valid Path????

O.K. all I want to do is change some tunes from a CD that are in Aiff format to a wav. file format. I choose Save as and I get a MAC dialogue box. Underneath is the Wavelab dialogue box. I cancel the MAC one and fill in the Wave lab box. Before this, I created 2 folders. One that has the AIFF files and another that will contain the wav files. I name the file, In the Where box I direct it to the folder that will contain the .wav files. Output format I select 16 bit wav.
I hit save and I receive …PLEASE ENTER A VALID PATH… There is an X where the name is. What am I doing wrong?? Do I need to fill in the MAC dialogue box first?/ Is there a special name I need to tag at the end of the song name. Is there a problem with 2 separate folders? Should I be in render mode? I don’t want to change sample rates or values. I just want to change the format of songs from AIFF to wav…


Can you show a screenshot of the dialog?

Maybe you’ve a space at the end of folder name…

3 shots First when I save as… second shot is when I choose wav… the third I tried render but received another dialogue box from WL 8… Any help!!!
Tried Render .png
After I select.png
Save as.jpg

There is a space after "New Amen CD ", as Sonik pointed it out, this is forbidden.

Thank you for the reply… You said "space after “New Amen CD” How should it typed?? I don’t understand space after what I have typed… Sorry about that… could you please give a typed example of what is accepted. Thanks to all that have replied… I just need an example


A space character is the character between 2 words. That you types with the biggest button on your keyboard. There must be no such character as the start and end of a folder/file name.

“/Macintosh HD Back up/New Amen CD /Amen for…” should become:
“/Macintosh HD Back up/New Amen CD/Amen for…”

I got it now … Many thanks PG, Arjan P, and Sonlik … I’ll give it go…