Please explain "Direct offline processing"

The video is not very telling in my opinion. So, would it be fair to say that “Direct offline processing” is basically the combination of opening plugins for offline processing that we already have with the offline process history that we already have, plus

  • not having to close that window
  • a different gui
  • automatic processing (not having to press “apply”)


That’s sort of what it looks like, but I wanted to be sure I understood what it was.

Yes, kind of. Direct Offline Processing has 2 modes:

  • a preview mode that works similar to previous versions
  • a kind-of live mode, that renders the changes already once you touch the nobs - ultra fast for cleaning up location sound
  • you can also combine plug-ins and create a chain that can be saved and recalled


Ok. I think I understood correctly then.


This is actually the biggie for me in the update.
We are now finally able to treat effects more like object oriented fx and listen within the context of a session.
I could not figure out how to save chains of effects as batches, but there is already a lot to like about this.

Do you mean saved/recalled as a preset? If so, how do you do that?

The preview mode is not working for me at the moment. I hit the preview button and nothing happens other than the meters in the DOP window freeze and then nothing.

Does this happen to anyone else? The only thing that seems to work is the auto apply mode which is often useless to me as I like to hear what I am doing as I’m doing it, not after the sometimes lengthy render.

Yes, this happens to me as well, but only when I use the range tool to select the audio. I would like to find a way to disable DOP until it’s perfected, and even then I usually wouldn’t need it in the work I do. I feel that an option to be able to use it or not would be best.

As stated in another thread, yes for me the plugin gui is frozen as well.

I think having the option to use DOP or not would be best.

a few people have asked how this is done… and there doesn’t appear to be an answer. has anyone figured out how to save chains of plugins in direct offline processing? can’t seem to find that in the manual either.

AFAIK, this is planned for a later version and is not included in the Nuendo 8 beta.

And would be nice to be available to save a chain procces out from the project to recall from another one.

Is known when it is expected?