Please fix MixConsole snapshots

Hi Steinberg

Cubase 10 introduced MixConsole snapshot. A verry important feature for me because I use Cubase for live recordings and with the mixer scene snapshot I can give every song in the a dedicated mix and save the settings.

The MixConsole snapshots was a trigger for me to upgrade but it never has worked properly. Still in Cubase 12 the function is not working. The amount of sends on the channels are not working and I have experienced a lot of other problems. So I’m once more running Studio One because the function works in Studio One.

So Steinberg please fix the MixConsoel Snapshot, it was a new feature in CB10 but it never actually worked. In the mean time where on 12.020 so IO think its time to deliver.


If you have come across a bug, the best way to report it (as it stands currently) is to document it properly in it’s own thread and give the thread the tag “issue”.
Ideally you would write a short step-by-step so developers know how to reproduce the issue as well as information about the system you are running.

Something specific would be useful

There are different issue’s addressed on the forum. The one that’s a show stopper for me is that the the sends not represented correct in the template. There are different reports over this issue. In CB12 the problem still is there. After I discovered that i did not make any further investigation to other problems with the mixer scene snapshots because in this state its useless anyway.