PLEASE, FIX or IMPROVE these issues:

Nuendo 8.2 is running perfectly on my MacPro with Sierra. There are however a few issues that I would like to see fixed or improved:

  • When enabling the monitor input button on an audio track, the audio engine crashes and the control room meter freezes. I am able to avoid this problem by disabling “Map input Bus metering to Audio track (in direct monitoring)” in the Metering prefs. I have a MOTU Ultralite mk3 which doesn’t support direct monitoring.

  • I have assigned custom key commands to the arrow left and right keys (“nudge cursor left” and “right”). When I want to enter a search in the mediabay I cannot use the arrow keys to move the typing cursor in the query field. This is also the case when exporting an audiomix and trying to move my typing cursor in the namefield. In N7 this was never a problem. Any (custom) key command should be overruled when entering text in textfields!

  • I use the mediabay a lot! Especially for selecting small parts of sounds using the selection tool. In N7 I was able to drag a selection easily over the waveform. In N8 I have to draw the pencil over a very small bar above the waveform display. This is very fiddly! It would by nice if that bar was bigger, like the upper half of the waveform display. It would also be great if the height of the waveform display was scalable, so you could enlarge the waveform display. Also, the cursor behaves strangely, not changing to the “hand” when hovering over a selection range. I remains the pencil. (and sometimes the other way around)

  • In the mediabay, there should be an option to automatically stop preview playback when dragging the audio (selection) to the projectwindow.

  • In the mediabay it is not possible to remove Defined favourites.

  • The DOP should have an option to close the window after clicking “Apply”

  • The DOP should have the “Apply” button highlighted, so when pressing the “enter” key, the process is applied. In N7 the process of applying was just a matter of selecting the process (for which I have custom keys for the most commonly used processes), and then hitting “Enter”.

Addressing these issues would contribute a lot to my workflow which is based on speed and as little (mouse) clicks as possible.

Heartily agree with having the “Apply” button work by key command if desired.

I miss not having that extra mouse click.


Agree, also you should be able to change andpreview the tail of the dop processing after selecting a process/vst (like you could in the old offline processing)