Please fix/redesign how audio events are handled or..

Give me a non clickfest elegant solution to the following:


Have you ever needed to warp the front or end of a sample without moving the Event Start/end point and having to rewarp every hitpoint throughout the event after moving the event start point?

Then you probably are as frustrated as all the other cubase users out there…

Please SB, fix the way audio is handled in cubase. I have requested this for a long time and it is the way forward.

Alternatively, how do you handle this situation without resampling and wasting time and “flow”?
(Without resampling i said…lol)

(Move the second hitpoint so it is the at the start of the event without moving the event start marker)
-if i zoom in and place it really close, the warp algo changes because it is warping too much “empty space”

Thank you kindly:)