Please Fix The Glockenspiel Octave

So, since when I started using Dorico in version 3 the glockenspiel’s sounding octave has been off. It looks fine on the score but it sounds 2 octaves above what is supposed to sound, making me have to write the following monstrosity for it to sound. And fixing octave displacements myself in Dorico is so confusing. The Clef and Transposition overrides in the setup window almost never works. Please fix the glockenspiel’s sounding octave.

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Add a Treble clef to the start of the Flow. This will make the clef selectable, and you can then set an “Octave shift” to whatever you want.



Thank you, this is a good solution, but still doesn’t explain why doing the same thing through Clef and Octave Transposition Override in Setup mode doesn’t work.

This really bugs me too. I don’t quite understand why Dorico treats input of octave-transposing instruments and interval-transposing instruments differently. If I’m viewing a score in transposed pitch and I want to enter a written C#5 into an alto sax part, I play a C#5 on my MIDI keyboard. If I want to enter a written C#5 into a Glock part, I have to play a C#7 which is off most 61-key MIDI keyboards. I wish Dorico would provide an option to enter octave transposing instruments at written pitch just as you can with all other transposing instruments.


Well, I had never experimented with this before, but I guess this is hackable by changing the concertOctaveTransposition entry in instruments.xml. It allows you to input at written pitch, but when you switch to concert it will transpose to sounding pitch.

I’d still like a general option to input all transposing instruments at written pitch.

Two things to be aware of with Clef and Transposition overrides.

  1. If you have explicit clef, it will override those settings so, delete any explicit clefs.
  2. It is Layout specific so, it must be done for both the score and the part.

Edit: #1 applies if you’re changing the Clef, it should not affect the transposition.

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How do you get to that “Clefs” dialogue?

That setting is in the Properties Panel. Make sure the Clef is selected first.

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