Please! - Fix the Inspector pane opening/closing

First off, love the new C9.5 update. A few bugs here in there, but generally its a fantastic update, with much needed GUI speed increase (on PC at least, haven’t had the chance to check the Mac yet).

Anyway, I have a bone to pick. SB, PLEASE FIX THE WAY THE INSPECTOR PANES WORK!!!
This has bugged me from Nuendo 2 right up until C9.5.

It never, ever works the way you want to. It is consistent in its inconsistency; and from a GUI point of view, an absolute disaster. Considering how many things you guys get right, the fact that this still works the way it does is absolutely baffling.

I end up closing panes I don’t want to close, whilst trying to open other ones. Setting the ‘pins’ in the setup seems to not really work.
Sometimes I have the panes exactly the way I want them, only with one mis-click to have them all close again (or open…who knows).

So, here is a thought - have them work the way all other panes in all other software packages work, by introducing the about 20 year old concept of arrows.
If the arrow points left, the pane is closed.
If it points down, the pane is open.
Closing one pane by clicking the arrow doesn’t close all the others; it just closes the one you click.
(you might even introduce a modifier key that allows clicking one arrow to open/close all others, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

Problem solved.
Please, pretty please, implement this. Your uses will thank you:)


My audio tracks always display with the correct pined controls.
Instrument tracks don’t, never have as far as I can remember.



I contacted support about this a couple of years ago, mainly because the pins don’t work too well, and the main inspector tab was forever disappearing.

Instead of responding saying they’d fix the pin system I was told to hold down cmd when opening a tab, which means the others will stay open instead of closing.

It does help once you get used to it, but it’s still not ideal.