Please fix the Project Logical Editor Macro menu list - mine is almost off my screen

If you have a large library of macro commands as I do, that list becomes unmanageable in the Project Logical Editor macro list. Mine literally almost fills up my entire ultrawide screen, and will likely be off my screen with the next batch of scripts I make.

To make matters worse, it also doesn’t alphabetize.

Can we please just have a normal pop-up search window browser like everything else in the program?

Also, the PLE is very slow at loading scripts, like, between 5 to 10 seconds.

What kind of scripts are these?

Nothing that would warrant that kind of time.

Both saving/renaming, and switching/selecting PLE presets is very slow to load - regardless of what is in the script. It could be empty, and it would still have a delay.

I wonder if that is related to the large number of presets you have. I have a more modest number of PLEs and never notice any delay.

Also you can arrange these into menus & sub-menus by creating a folder structure in the OS and sort your presets into the folders.

That’s the macro portal list in the PLE you are looking at not the PLE preset list. But yes. I have many of both - the PLEs are organized into folder and sub-folder structures.

Still though, this is not THAT much data even then for todays standards… So I don’t get it. Maybe because it’s not loaded into memory when opened? not sure.