Please get rid of the dongle

For some reason I cant post this in the feature request section as its locked.
I am a sound designer working on some of the largest 3D audio soundscapes in the world and often my work either for theatre or installation takes me to some pretty weird places from rainforests to festivals. I use Nuendo a lot even preferring it to qlab for theatre and have been using cubase since 1993.
It is absolutely terrifying to me that my entire show , often attended by thousand sof people - depends on an easily losable badly made piece of plastic. It just isnt proffesional . I totally understand the need for steinberg to protect their IP but there are plenty of other software companies such as Cycling74s Max MSP that do not need a dongle and still havent been cracked for years. Can anything be done about this ? Its especially annoying now the new macbooks have hardly any usb ports. Its literally forcing me to consider reaper for some gigs even though Im not used to it and dont like its features as much. I realise some people just use Nuendo in the studio where this isnt an issue but as a longterm customer I would like to add my voice to a growing chorus pf people that want an alternative solution to the dongle.
Please feel free to add this post to the one at the top of the suggestions forum.