Please get rid of the legacy title bar on Windows

Using Windows 11, and the first title bar that I see when cubase opens up is still that ugly beige Windows Vista-era menu bar, until I click on both the project window and the mixer and then the distractingly bright white bar comes in to focus because Cubase doesn’t respond to system-wide dark mode.

I know there are many UI fixes to be had, but this one I feel like dates the application the most.



That title/menu bar thing is an anomaly and quite jarring, not to mention badly designed. Windows is not macOS. Please get rid of it.


I think the point of the OP, and I agree, is that Cubase does not go “dark” when you want it to. It uses an old Windows UI instead of Windows 11 style UI.
I wouldn’t mind the bar if it was black, like most of my apps, but it is bright white and screams “I AM RIGHT HERE”.

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+1 its so bad design and specially if u have more than one screen

Couldn’t think about any less useless request.
Thinking of reasonable priorities.

So: Nay.

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Come on Cubase, don’t be like Reaper and use dated UI elements. Agreed, this is a small annoyance, but finishing touches do matter.

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To put Cubase’ UI graphics on the same level as Reapers is, with all due respect, ridiculous.

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I am still not getting how one could waste a vote (that leads to a proritization at Steinberg!) for such a minor thing. Do people REALLY have no more important things to wish for that deserve a high priority and therefore should not be hidden behind minor minors that get votes?

Perhaps folks with a different workflow than you are encountering issues with it which you don’t. For example in this screenshot you can see that Acrobat appears to have a Cubase title bar. Makes it real easy to accidentally close things you don’t want to close.


Thank you for sharing your view - which makes the votes somehow easier to understand for me.
I must confess, though, that I personally still consider it a minor thing - but ok, I get that for some it might not be one.
Thank you again. :slight_smile:

TBH I don’t think the votes on the forum are actually used for anything because each user only has a few total. It seems a bit like holding an election but only the first 4 people in line get to vote.

Everyone has a different workflow. For me, this terrible implementation of the title bar is just about the worst thing Steinberg have ever done. I stayed at 7.5, until recently, purely for this reason alone.

If I were to open Cubase and spend all my time never coming out of it then I’d just get used to it as a minor irritant. Problem for me is I spend most of my day multi-tasking and switching between windows and applications. I also do a lot of transcribing so might click between apps hundreds of times a day.

It used to be dead simple, just click the app in the task bar back and forth between apps in a split second. Now it’s just multiple accidental clicks, accidental closing of projects, windows randomly appearing or getting hidden and no end of frustration - it’s just hell with no workaround. All annoying and unnecessary.

I know that I might not be the typical user but why make such a drastic and unnecessary change to normal Windows behaviour. It’s bad enough having to battle with the Windows 10 flat, borderless, lack of colour separation madness - adding the Cubase title bar to this, already bad idea, just makes me want to give up working at times.

I get that you have no problem with it but that is purely down to your workflow. If you had my workflow then you’d see it very differently. Your “minor thing” is at the top of my major problem list.


Thank you for explaining the background of your voting. I see, I have to learn every day - there are workflows that I did not get to know yet.

Thanks for explaining. I hope your issue will be solved in a future release.