Please get rid of the Red Outline while selecting clips in Nuendo

When I select a clip in Nuendo, I can’t even see sometimes properly whether I have selected it or not. Especially when the clip is red in the first place. I do not see a good reason for liking the philosophy of this camouflage. I think it is madness moving forward like this.

Please make it black, like Cubase.

I’ll just say it again.

If you wonder why use search.

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Wow! I am definitely missing something here! I intend to find out what that noble cause may be.

Okay. Since you knowledgeable folks are saying no, should I delete this feature request? Please advise if you will. Please don’t say no this time.

I´m (among other great post pro features) on Nuendo - because OF THE RED OUTLINE !!!

I don’t want the light/dark flickering like in cubase.

Okay. At this point, I am not sure if we are talking about the same thing. Guys! Example question, Are you sure you are happy with selecting a red colour clip in Nuendo and how it looks after being selected?

They are talking about the same thing. You are asking about one very specific case, where the item is the same exact color as the outline. :slight_smile:

I really agree. I find it difficult to see the tiny red outline - especially when the item is red.

What should I search for?
“The Incredible Joy of Red Outlines”?
“Red or Dead”?

Please enlighten!

I want to experience the Bliss of the Red, also . . .


Thank you for someone finally understanding. I thought I may be going crazy :joy:


I’d say no. Clip has to be marked someway when it is selected and this is almost perfect. A little thicker red lines could make it perfect.
And yes, avoid red on clips or tracks…

+1 Thicker red to be more visible !!!

There are so very many colors in the rainbow.

Use any of them but red for Clips in Nuendo and the problem is easily solved.

Won’t work. Singers expect their tracks to be in red (in RED!!, actually) - after all, they are the most important species on earth.

Well if we’re supposed to just work around Nuendo’s flaws instead of requesting fixes, why do you need thicker lines? Just hold a magnifying glass in front of your monitor!

I guess for compromise. No need for the attitude dude…

Can we at least have an Option of Cubase style selection? (Along with the Red outline Option)

Loving 10.3 but crying for the option.

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The red outline is hard to see and useless on red colored clips.

I am however curious about why other users love it so much.


As a very recent crossgrader from Cubase (couldn’t resist the 40% discount offer) I can only agree. The red outline is extremely annoying when you’re used to the behaviour of Cubase all the way since version 4, or even earlier versions, where selected events get inverted instead. As I believe Steinberg wants to attract Cubase users with their current offer, it would totally make sense if they made it an option. It should be a pretty simple thing to do, shouldn’t it? I mean just just add “Selection style: Inverted/Outline” to Event Display -> Audio in Preferences and there we go. Everybody will be happy. Please?

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For users who work in Post (for whom Nuendo is made for) it is impossible to work with events that change color.
We sometimes have hundred of tracks and a gazillion small events.
We use colored events to “guide” us through the process.
In my case a Yellow event means that it is unusable, a Pink event means that it needs some TLC, etc …
So there is no way that events can/may change color when selected.

Again, when you are working on a very big session with a controller, we always use “select event under cursor”.
With a gazillion tiny edits, we need to see easily and quickly which event is selected.
To move it, to snap, to process, to set locators, to fade, trim … whatever.

I understand that people are not used to this, but I can not understand the problem.
As far as I can see, (correct me if I am wrong) the only issue is that the outline is hard to see on bright red tracks.
And even that I fail to understand, because I can not look at full/bright colors for even an hour.
My colored tracks/events are all very light, and even on a red colored event, I can clearly see the outline.

As for the option to make it a preference, that has been requested, but there is a technical problem.
Because of incompatible graphics libraries both can’t be used at the same time, it’s one or the other.

I’d say, look for a way to make it work for you (for example, avoid RED tracks), because the problem post users simply don’t have an alternative.


For people who use Nuendo for not only Post but also many many other things (as the Nuendo feature list significantly suggests),

that probably feels really unfortunate. Hopefully, we can find a solution to such a technical problem sooner than later.