Please give Mixer 1, Mixer 2, Mixer 3 each their own toolbar setup

as it is now, changing one of them changes all three.



also total independence ie .:
I/o monitoring etc

what do you mean by IO monitoring?

you can only set the meters to to either or input or output signal monitoring I have raised this a few times befor in the past
let me explain.:
we have three mixers right ? ok all they can do as far as I know at this stage is simply show us different view aspects of the mixer window.
my setup is
mixer 1 basic mixer views showing only audio, group,fx and vca tracks
mixer 2 only input busses
mixer 3 whatever I want or need (at the moment I have it set as my multi out bus… aka Brauerizing
at this point in time All three mixers share common setups for egsample if I set the mixer two where my input busses are to meter the input signal which is what we want when we are tracking right ? ok but my channels mixer is also set to input monitor fader leds… not good as we want to see what the channel is outputting to the mix bus …
therefore I have been asking for independency for a few years now , that and movable tracks in the mixer window…
sorry to hijack your post …
and for the long winded reply…
cheers and all the best

ah I see, you’re talking about meters, that makes sense.

was this added in V11?


Another feature to maybe add here for easy duplicate across mixers if needed - just a simple List Based Toolbar-Copy Function

For example:

if you are in the ToolBar Setup for Mixer 2, it would list:
-Copy to Mixer 1
-Copy to Mixer 3