Please, give us a VU/Peak/both option for ALL audio channels

What the title says. Peak meters are no use to me whatsoever on the channels. When using a console I look at calibrated VUs, I’d like to be able to do the same in Cubase. It might help a few newbies better understand gain structure too…

Ideally, I’d like the ability to switch any audio meter between peak reading, VU (or some other form of average, such as PPM, LUFS…), or to display multiple meters in thinner lines, as per Pro Tools.

yes +1


Many pro engineers use VU (or other integrating) meter plugins such as Klanghelm VUMT, PSP TripleMeter, and HoRNet VU Meter.

It’s really surprising that DAWs continue to focus on peak metering. Peak meters really aren’t useful for mixing. (You might as well just have a clipping light that goes off whenever 0dBFS is exceeded - the peaks themselves don’t help with mixing.) However, continuously integrating/averaging meters like VU, LUFS, etc. are hugely useful because you get a better idea on the overall energy of each track.

Cubase users shouldn’t have to buy third-party meters just to get per-channel averaging analysis. It’s a fairly basic, fundamental requirement - almost as important as having faders in the mixer.

Please implement this much-needed feature.


Can I say +10 ?