Please Hands down everybody for Steinberg.

Dear Steinberg,(and others who like reading this):

I just want to thank you big time for having created an astonishing DAW over the years.

I started in the mid-nineties working with Cubase VST on a Mac G3 OS9 and i remember the very first VST plugins like LM7
I was dazzled by which you could do with Cubase, just amazing.

But i am the kind of person that always wants to try out new/other musicsoftware, like having new toys.
Why ? Cause i am a child i guess :smiley:

So i travelled in all those years from Cubase VST to Logic 7/8/9/Logic X, Live 2/3/4/5/6/7/9, Studio One, and Reason 4/5/6/7 (all on mac) and then, last year, i deciced to buy Cubase 7, cause it was new and me like new music software. :laughing:

And OMG, i just fell in love again with Cubase, just like back in the days with Cubase VST.

You can pretty say i have “done” all major DAWS thoroughly (most of the time Logic and Live) and in my opinion, i have landed and will stay with Cubase, cause, well it’s just a beautiful program with loads and loads of functionality that for me are just heaven and breathtaking.

The amazing looking GUI ,the Chordtrack, the Midi fx plugins, the Logical Editors, the Keycommands Editor, the Drum Editor, the incredible amount of editing features, the top sounding MPEX stretch algorythms (Ableton, eat your heart out !),the solid sounding soundengine (Ableton,eat your heart out!), Hitpoints, Variaudio , all this functionality just gives me the shivers.

I am learning my head off with watching Cubase tutorials till late in the night, having so much joy with getting the grips 100% of Cubase, it’s my passion !
( btw: i highly recommend the tutorials from Holger Steinbrink from , when you understand German language, cause you can hear in his voice that he’s enjoying Cubase so much and his tuts are well made and so helpful)

One more thing:

Ofcourse I experience bugs, odd thangs and an occasional crash of Cubase.
Don’t we all ?
But who give’s a sh*t ?! :

NO DAW, and i mean NO DAW is perfect, believe me, “i have seen them all”.

For me, Cubase is THE example of Deutsche Grundlichkeit. :wink:

Dear Steinberg, keep up the amazing work you do !



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Aloha v,

Nice report. You HAVE been around the block mon ami.

For me Cubase and Pro Tools are all I need to keep my family fed.
Cubase for me and PT for compatibility with the rest of the world.
(altho for a lil fun on a sleepy Sat morning I may fire up BootCamp
and run CakeWalk/Sonar for a while :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:)

Good Luck!

Same here…was on Logic on the mac from v2 till V7, then went back to the PC and bought Nuendo. Best move I ever made; currently trialing Cubase 7.5 until the featureset makes it over and absolutely love it. Couldn’t do my work without it; it’s fast, the featureset is amazing and just keeps growing.

Sure, there are room for improvements but these are minor gripes compared to what this daw has to offer.

So a big hands down (or up!) for SB…keep up the great work, and you’ll have a customer for live in me:P


Well said! Cubase 7 has been a ROCK for me. I’ve used many DAW’s professionally, and C7 is IMO the best out there in terms of customer support, reliablity and features.

Hands down? :smiley:

But yeah I have no intentions of changing Cubase. I started this thing with a Tascam US428 and Cubasis was bundled in, and that was they way I was going to get the “music outta my head”. I used all the USM, Neons, LM7s, Wizoo kits…

Its deep in my heart, I could never use another DAW… I’ve come a LONG way. So long, and I appreciate Cubase’s niggles, some of those limitations are a part of it as well. It’s our DNA.

Cubase 7.5.10 is rock solid on my Macbook now! I have crashes but it is always 3rd party plugins.

I love the audio editing and the easy workflow.

Endless possibilities!

It surely is a wonderful creation and if i was told me back in 88 we would be capable of doing what we can now i would of laughed , mainly due to being on LSD but would of thought them as being completely mental .

Here’s to another 26 years of Steinberg technology :wink:

Me too! (plus Studio One V2 and Wavelab for mastering)

Following on the theme of this thread. I am very new to Cubase. I purchased elements about a month ago and just purchased Cubase 7.5 I consider myself an advanced hobbyist. I own Live, Samplitude, Reason, X2, Tracktion, ACID, Studio One and Reaper. I even tried DP for Windows. I’ve been in and out of these DAWs for years, Cakewalk being the oldest one. I’ve found with most of these I spend a lot of time on setting things ups, making configuration changes, playing around with different work flows and trying to ensure stability. I play bass, drums, guitar and keys and have quite a bit of outboard gear. I like having everything ready to go rather then starting to setup and patch for each session. With Cubase I was able to get a solid template setup in hours. All my Vsts and audio interfaces are stable. The flow in Cubase is amazing, everything intuitively where I can find it. I am also finding my VST resources are being better managed in terms of performance and CPU consumption.

I really like the look and feel. Very easy on the eyes. The built in plug-in sounds great compared to some of my other DAWS. I feel like I am reaching less for some of my go-to plugins. The Channel Strip is really intuitive and sounds great; definitely not reaching for my UAD stuff as much.

Some plug-in really surprise me, the Ampsimulator is really cool, interfaces like that forces one to listen rather then look. I like not knowing what the preamp and cabs were derived from and just playing and listening rather then working with preconceived notions based on a name.

I am still wrapping my head around the more complex features. I am still feeling-out the provided instruments.

I have a subscription to Groove3 and have been leveraging that. I hope to spend a day or to going through the manual, front-to-back.

Beyond on all that, I had a session the other day and had great results.

I know I am in the honeymoon phase, but Cubase really feels right.

Good cheer!

I’ve been a user of another DAW which shall not be named :mrgreen:. But after spending some time with C7.5, there’s simply no turning back. The GUI and workflow put me in a good mind space. So many cool features to work with.

Okay, first attempt with Control Room and my Presonus 1818VSL. Control Room is absolutely brilliant. It too no time to get everything configured, Monitors, two cue and one headphone. I battled with this in every other DAW, even Studio One was not as intuitive!

It’s a beautiful DAW no crashes or issues in months :smiley: