Please have 'Track Presets' recall the input channel....

so silly that it doesn’t do this… I get that the selected channel of when the preset was saved might not match the new projects inputs it is being loaded into… but what if it does match? It if it does match, it’s fairly likely, if anyone has an organized setup, that it’s going to be on the same input channel.

Like my 8x8 MIDI ins and outs are set bro, they can load in the same everytime.

Anyone who has set up their templates and workflow properly and logically… %90 of the time the inputs are going to be the same.

They should be saved with the track preset. At least make it an option in prefrences.

The input/Bus information is actually stored in the presets xml file so there is probably something weird going on when it’s loaded. Seems like a bug to me… Super annoying.