Please help - Bug or user error? Audio not snapping

Hi there,

Recently this has been getting really frustrating. I do most of my work in audio not midi.
I use 3 or 4 breakbeats, chopped up in Recycle then rearranged on separate channels, kick, snare, hat, ghost or whatever percs it is.

So I’m arranging literally hundreds of pieces of audio around.

The issue for me is Cubase is behaving rather weirdly in that it just will not snap to a proper (on grid value) when arranging the audio parts. Its very frustrating because I’m having to double and triple check everything and its very time consuming. Not had this issue really until Cubase Pro 11.

I have attached picture that shows me moving a hit to what looks like the proper position, and the 2nd picture shows they actual location Cubase decides to put it.

My quantize is either 1/16 or 1/32, and I don’t mess with the quantize settings, if doing some swing I’ll do it manually. In most cases I prefer things to be on grid as compression etc can add movement anyway.

I do use synths too and have the same type of behavior with midi notes in the piano roll. Its really puzzling and annoying that this Cubase is so unprecise.

Also if I have a long piece of audio, like a stem, and I’ll want to split it into the different sections where the thing is actually playing so I can clip gain each one, its impossible to split it on a bar. Cubase will always snap to 32 . 4 . 4 . 119 instead of 33 .1 . 0 . 0 for example, and this happens everywhere I try to split it.

I just don’t understand why its always snapping to one click before where its supposed to be!
Unlike the pictures of me moving audio parts around, trying to split doesn’t say its on the the grid, the hovering yellow bit always shows it off grid so you know before splitting that its not correct.

Am I alone in this? I’m on Win 10 1909 and Cubase pro 11 the original release.

ThanksLooks good But not really

A zoomed out pic of the entire Project Window including the whole Info Line and a selected Audio Event exhibiting this behavior would be helpful.

Do you have Snap to Zero Crossing Point (sorry not at DAW this is approximate name) set? Because that can move an Event.

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Ah thank you so much!
It was snap to zero crossing causing the issue.
Not sure how I missed that, sometimes can’t see the issue even if right in front of your face haha. 9 times out of 10 it’s something straightforward!
All the best , thanks so much :slight_smile:

Yes zéro snapping can be annoying sometimes.
For others users with the same type of problem , it also could have been the relative grid options enabled.