Please help Cubase 10.5 not importing video!

I am trying to import a video into Cubase 10.5 Elements for the first time. Looked into compatible formats, and thought that I had it down. Here’s the convoluted part: I filmed something on an iPad, then had to send it to my MacBook via airdrop because the video was too big to send. Then from my MacBook I sent it to google drive so that I can go to my studio desktop (Windows 10 pc) where cubase is. I download the file onto the desktop, try to import it into Cubase, and it says the file is invalid or not supported. I have already set my iPad to save videos as .mov H264 which is supposed to be supported. Am I doing something to corrupt the file, or am I just totally missing something?
I have also tried converting the files on the desktop into .mp4 and .avi, and neither work. I get.avi not working since the codec isn’t compatible with the container, but I don’t understand why the other combination doesn’t work.
I am also not a techie person and thus am not sure exactly what I’m doing, so any help at all would be greatly appreciated!