Please help! Cubase has messed up my ASIO driver

The other day I loaded cubase 12 pro, as usual, and I was getting no sound. I checked the Studio Setup and noticed the audio driver was not set to using my steinberg UR22 audio interface…

When I checked the control panel I saw it was using my PC’s onboard sound as the ASIO driver and no other driver (e.g. my ur22) was listed. It also had the “Allow ASIO host application to take exclusive controls of selected port configuration” checked…

If untick the Allow ASIO host checkbox then my UR22 appears in both input and output sections and is selected…

Then I save it and it shows in the studio setup…

I can now hear the sound again from cubase, but there is terrible lag when playing my midi keyboard. I have tried increasing the audio buffer size on the control panel asio driver window, but this just makes this worse.

I have no idea what’s happened, this was working perfectly before, until suddenly I load up cubase and there is no sound. I have reinstalled the yamaha steinberg drivers for the UR22 but this has not made any difference.

Please help! Thanks!



Click the Audio System, and choose Steinberg/Yamaha ASIO Driver, please.

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Aha, thank you! I wonder why this changed to the Generic one! I certainly didn’t do that manually.

Your interface was off (unplugged) during Cubase start.

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