Please help Cubase8.5 doesnt recognize my ACT. COD

Hi! How are you?

Yesterday ( Sat 10/01 ) I downloaded Cubase 8.5 From Steinberg page (bought it)
I bought the one, that said " Upgrade from Upgrade from Cubase Elements, LE, AI, Essential, Studio, SX, SL or Sequel"

and, i have the trial cubase 8, before that. (now tried to install cubase 8.5 trail, to see if i can upgrade from there)

Installed the program y connect my usb elicenser that i bought separately.
I did this without been register (now im)
And, not in the Elicenser control center nor the steinberg page, recognize my activation code.
Yes i could register my usb elicenser, but, doenst allow me, to copy the license into it.

Maybe, someone, had the same problem, or knows, what can i do.

I installed on a Mac, el Capitan 10.11

( sorry for my english, in case i wrote something in the wrong way)

ps, Im trying to contatc support in my country, but its impossible to communicate.