Please help Cubasis 2 project folders require duplicate audio files

Hello there, my cubasis is having issues.

  • The problem is each project folder is requiring a duplicate of the same audio sample and it is taking storage space. The audio file arrangement disappears from my project when I delete the file from the project folder, I then have to add it back into the project folder and then open the project and click undo and it brings back the arrangements of audio.

  • There is also another issue freezing my Apple settings page when I click to check the storage use of Cubasis 2.

Maybe a solution to the crashing iOS settings storage page, would be to airdrop all my projects to another device so that I can uninstall or offload the app and then reinstall it, this should hopefully fix the freezing of settings storage page and maybe possibly fix the requirement of duplicate audio files.

Hi @Iqmusic,

Thanks for you message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Please provide us with the following files (to allow our engineers to further evaluate the topic):

  • a screenshot of the project’s audio file via the iOS Files App
  • a screenshot of the project opened in Cubasis

Please upload the files via Dropbox and provide me with the download link here, or via private message.

& stay safe,

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Thank you @LSlowak,
How do I message you via a private message ?
I can upload the requested files here if that is ok ?

Thanks again and you too.

Click on his name, there is a message button in the pop up.

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Thank you CJ for your help.

Yes I did try that but I can’t seem to find the message button.


Hmmm when i press it i get a big message button on top

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Try viewing the site in landscape mode?

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Thank you CJ for helping.
All sorted now, Lslowak sent me a message, so I will reply that way now instead.

P.S. Just received a message promoting my trust level and that seems to have enabled the message button to show.
This happened after increased activity on forum.

Furthermore I’ve also attached the requested screenshots here, sorry for the delay as I was unsure, may be of interest to others with the same issues.

Hi @Iqmusic,

Thanks for sharing the screens with us.
From what I see the following shot seems to be missing:

  • a screenshot of the project’s audio file via the iOS Files App


Yeah sure, glad to be making progress.

Ooops, sorry I don’t quite understand which file you are referring too.
For the screenshot of the project’s audio file via the iOS Files App, if you can tell me which folder the file is located, it would be much appreciated.

Is the file meant to be in the audio user folder? for some reason the audio file is not in the user folder. When I import or move the file to user audio folder with other imports it seems to be deleting it from my Import User Audio or it moves it to the project folder audio which then leads to duplicates as it is not using the same audio user folder.


Hi @Iqmusic,

It seems the second shot is not loading correctly.
Could you please double check.

Once corrected I will share the visuals and info with our engineering.


Sure ok I will re upload it to Dropbox and create a fresh link.

When I import or move the audio file to the correct folder (Audio/User), some how it moves back to the (project) folder after opening the project in cubasis.

Hi @Iqmusic,

Below please find the feedback from our engineering:

Your project’s Audio folder looks ok and it’s intentional that every audio file that a project uses (i.e. that has been imported from another folder into the project) is copied into the project’s Audio folder. If you delete it from there, the project will look for its missing audio file, find it in e.g. the Audio/User folder, and copy it into the project’s Audio folder again. This has always been the way Cubasis handles audio files, because of two reasons:

  1. If you edit an audio file in the audio editor, only the file inside the project’s Audio folder is modified. If multiple projects would share an audio file in a common folder, the audio editor could potentially change other projects.
  2. If you delete an audio file from e.g. Audio/User, you can be sure that you don’t remove anything that any project uses, because every project has its own Audio folder.
    We are aware that this might lead to increased disk space usage, but you could offload all non-project files (e.g. the contents of the My Audio Files folder) to a cloud drive (like iCloud, Dropbox…) and only download files (import into Cubasis) as needed.

Stay safe
& best wishes,

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Hi LSlowak,

Thank you for your message.

This makes sense now. :smiling_face:
I will do as you suggest and offload/upload some projects and content from my Audio/User files to free some storage space.

One more thing, If the audio sample is not edited or stretched does it still make a copy for the project folder ?

Have a great one
iqmusic :+1: