Please help! eLicenser fail (no internet connection)

Hey guys,

I’ve bought Cubase, registation is requiered to use it. Internet connection is fine, but I always get this error in eLicenser:

"“A connection to the Internet could not be established.”
“Please verify your computer’s network settings,
network cable connections etc. to ensure that your computer has access to the Internet.”"

Same error in cubase registation process. I’ve tried:

  • deactivated windows-firewall
  • deactivated router-firewall
  • deactivated anti-virus-tool
  • installed an older eLicenser version (result:error)
  • reinstalled eLicenser

I’ve contacted steinberg but got no anser so far. Any ideas?

(system: win7 64bit, Cubase LE6 (without eLicenser stick)

This is where you should find your andwers. If not in this article, then another one in the Knowledge Base.